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Deputy Dean for spiritual and educational work

Holder of the state scholarship named after Islam Karimov, established for bachelors of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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08.01.1997 г. N UP-1695


In order to further develop the national dance and the art of choreography, revive, preserve and enrich the historical traditions and methods of the art of Uzbek dance, create favorable conditions for the promotion of the distinctive oriental attitude inherent in our nation, dances with a high spirituality, prepare long-term target programs for the development of various directions of national dance, preserving the art of dance from superficiality, from imitation, which manifests itself in inappropriate movements and costumes that contradict the high spirituality and subtlety of the taste of our people, improve special education systems to more fully satisfy the needs for qualified personnel, as well as strengthen the material base of the organization of this sphere:

  1. To approve the proposals of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzteleradiocompany and the tour and concert association "Uzbeknavo" on the creation of the ensembles "Bahor", "Lazgi", "Zarafshon" and "Tanovar" on a competitive basis in the system of the Ministry of Culture of the new national dance associations named after Mukarram Turgunbaeva ("Uzbekraks").

Take into account that on the basis of the ensembles "Shodlik", "Chenchun" and the Uyghur ensemble, the song and dance ensemble "Uzbekistan" was formed, subordinate to the tour and concert association "Uzbeknavo".

  1. To determine that the Uzbekraks association, having territorial branches in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the regions, as an independent creative and production entity, is called upon to unite various dance groups regardless of their form of ownership and jurisdiction of any institution.
  1. To take into account that the association directs its activities to the implementation of the following tasks:

collecting and enriching the samples of beautiful dances of the Uzbek people, which have been formed over the centuries and passed from generation to generation as a valuable heritage, to instill in the minds of our people, especially the younger generation, a sense of deep respect and admiration for these priceless treasures, to develop a sense of respect in it to our national spirituality and values;

preservation of the original directions of all regions of our country in the field of dance and the formation on this basis of new artistic groups that will sing the spirituality of independence and ideas of sovereignty, the creation of a modern school of Uzbek national dance, which will give aesthetic pleasure to our people;

solving organizational, financial, material and technical issues of the creative teams of the unification system, providing them with musical instruments, colorful dance costumes, modern electronic equipment, necessary accessories;

propaganda of the art of dance among the peoples of Uzbekistan, the public of foreign countries, the organization of successful touring activities based on the creation of large-scale ensemble programs, the establishment of advertising and commercial work.

  1. To determine that the ensembles in the structure of the Uzbekraks association conduct their activities as artistic groups that are not legal entities - each of them has its own appearance, its own style.

To entrust the Ministry of Culture with the preparation within one month of the charter on the activities of the Uzbekraks association, to carry out these tasks, organize the structure of the directorate and submit it to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval.

  1. To exempt for a period of five years from all types of taxes the association "Uzbekraks", enterprises and organizations under its jurisdiction.

Determine that the funds collected as a result of tax exemption will be purposefully spent on the further development of the art of dance in our country, strengthening the material and technical base of the association.

  1. On the basis of the Uzbek choreographic school and the "Choreography" department of the Tashkent State Institute of Culture, organize the Tashkent State Higher School of National Dance and Choreography with the status of a higher special educational institution, provide for the construction of the building of its educational theater. Preserve at elementary school the available primary (with boarding) and secondary special educational links.

Determine that the main areas of higher education are the following:

training on the basis of the bachelor's program of choreographers, choreographers, directors, dance performers, teachers of national dance and ballet;

training on the basis of the master's program of scientific and pedagogical, creative personnel in national dance and the art of choreography;

retraining of specialists in national dance and the art of choreography, advanced training;

jointly with the Research Institute of Art History to prepare studies, textbooks, teaching aids on history, directions of development of Uzbek dance and the art of choreography;

to provide methodological and creative assistance to educational institutions of culture and arts, dance groups, to coordinate their activities in the scientific and theoretical terms

  1. The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Committee for Forecasting and Statistics to allocate the appropriate funds at the request of the Ministry of Culture for the repair of the buildings of the Tashkent State Higher School of National Dance and Choreography of the Uzbek Taraks association named after M. Turgunbaeva, to provide the necessary equipment and technical means, as well as performing other tasks defined in this Decree.
  1. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan within a week to prepare proposals for making the necessary changes to existing legislative acts.
  1. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan within a month to adopt an appropriate resolution on the implementation of this Decree.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

I.A. Karimov