On December 9, this year, the state Academy of choreography of Uzbekistan hosted a spiritual and educational event on the theme “Constitution-basic law”, dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It was attended by the leadership of the Academy, heads of departments, faculty, employees of the Department for youth work, spirituality and enlightenment, the primary organization of the youth Union of Uzbekistan, the women’s Council, as well as students of the Academy. In addition, the event was attended by teachers of the Department of Social Sciences and law of the Uzbek state University of physical culture and sports, the Department of Constitutional law of the Tashkent state law University.

Speakers at the event stressed that since the Declaration of independence, Uzbekistan has declared itself as a sovereign state, and that a solid Foundation has been created in the Republic for building a democratic state based on the rule of law. In particular, much attention is paid to the development of culture and art. It was emphasized that every citizen is protected by the state, and that the main goal of large-scale reforms is carried out in the name of human interests. The participants of the event noted that for the further development and prosperity of society, citizens must know and respect their rights and obligations.

In his Address on the occasion of the Constitution Day, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan sh. m. Mirziyoyev said that the Constitution guarantees the protection of the interests of every citizen, regardless of their nationality, religion or belief.