The Constitution, adopted at the dawn of Uzbekistan’s independence, reflects the principles of ensuring human rights and interests and the state structure that are consonant with the will and aspirations of the people.

This document established guarantees of equality for all citizens of our country, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, or social origin, and laid the Foundation for modern democratic development. Therefore, we value, honor, and study the Constitution extensively. Ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution and laws is the most important criterion for building a democratic state based on the rule of law in the country.

On the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution, the State Academy of choreography of Uzbekistan held a conversation on “the Constitution-a guarantee of happiness”. It was attended by the head of Department of Prosecutor’s office of Tashkent city I. K. Agoston, Dean of the faculty “Choreographic art” M. I. Kholmuradova, Professor of the chair of “Uzbek language and literature”, candidate of philological Sciences R.O. Jomanov, representatives of Department on youth work, spirituality and enlightenment, as well as students of the Academy.

At the beginning of the conversation, Ilkhom Komilzhonovich Aidostov sincerely congratulated the audience on the Constitution Day, which is the pride and support of our state. In his report, he introduced the audience in detail to the role and significance of the main document of the country.

In their speeches, the Dean of the faculty “Choreographic art”, Professor of the chair of “Uzbek language and literature” noted that since the proclamation of independence of Uzbekistan declared itself as a sovereign state, the Republic has established a solid Foundation for building a democratic state. It was emphasized that every citizen should honor the Constitution, study it, respect and observe the laws, and love the Motherland.

The participants of the conversation paid special attention to the fact that for the further development and prosperity of society, citizens must know and respect their rights and obligations. In educational institutions, it is necessary to organize explanatory work among students about the need to study the Constitution, about the new legal documents adopted. In the organization of the educational process at the Academy, it is also necessary to pay attention to these issues.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the fundamental document of the country, so a thorough study of its role and significance in the development of the country should be given priority.