On December 1 this year, the state Academy of choreography of Uzbekistan hosted the presentation of the 1st issue of the newspaper “Raqs olami”(“World of dance”).

The presentation was attended by managers, heads of departments and faculty of the Academy.

Rector of the Academy sh. M. Tokhtasimov noted that the publication of a newspaper dedicated to the promotion of dance art is one of the significant achievements of the Academy.

In the first issue of the newspaper “World of dance”, the chief editor of which is Ravshan Osipovich Romanov published materials about the visit of the Academy by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan sh. M. by Mirsalim and its task, the necessity of lifting the national dance art on qualitatively new level, articles about activities of the Academy, the most significant creative event in the life of the Academy on international cooperation in the sphere of choreographic education.