November 6 this year, State ballet Academy of Uzbekistan held a “master class” people’s artist of Uzbekistan, holder of medals “Oltin meros” (“Golden heritage”) Gavkhar Matyakubova for participating in the State dance ensemble “Bakhor” name Mukarram Turgunbaeva and ensemble song and dance “Navbahor”.

The “master class “was dedicated to studying the ancient history of the Khorezm dance” Lazgi”, included in the representative list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage, and mastering practical skills in its performance.

Gavhar Matyakubova said that after the inclusion of the “Lazgi” dance in the representative list of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage, interest in its study has increased in many countries of the world. Special attention was paid to the fact that choreographers and dancers from the United States and Japan constantly conduct “master classes” on Khorezm dance in social networks. For example, on the TV channel “Eurasia “at the invitation of the choreographer of the international category of the Virtual Academy of the United States, Ms. Emiko Karinamrita, video lessons are held in the”ZOOM ” mode.

Dilnoza Mavlonova, a 2nd-year student Of the state Academy of choreography of Uzbekistan, winner of the Grand Prix of the national review competition named after Mukarram turgunbayeva, winner of the International dance festival in the category “Best dancer”, not only masterfully performed the” Lazgi ” dance, but also explained the meaning and significance of each element.

In the future, it is planned to conduct systematic “master classes” on traditional schools of Uzbek dance.