It is well known that each independent state has its own army, which is the glory and pride of the country.

The holiday “January 14 – Day of the Defender of the Motherland”, widely celebrated in our country, was dedicated to the festive concert under the motto “The holiday of the national army is my holiday”, held at the Tashkent State Higher School of National Dance and Choreography.

The audience`s attention was attracted by students performing a variety of dances and stage miniatures.

Representatives of the National Guard of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who defend peace and tranquility in our country, performed with great success at the concert. They showed samples of drill and mastery of weapons.

At the end of the festive event, an awarding ceremony was held for teachers and students who are actively involved in the implementation of 5 important initiatives to enhance the spirituality of youth and the meaningful organization of their leisure. The chairman of the primary organization of the Women`s Committee at the Higher School, Mavluda Adasheva, presented activists with honorary diplomas and souvenirs.

Ravshan Khurramov Spokesperson