On September 16, 2019, the Higher School of Choreography held an open dialogue between undergraduates, supervisors, scientific consultants, department heads and vice-rector for scientific and innovative affairs M.K. Gafurov. Initially, M.K.Gafurov congratulated master’s students who started studies in new builddings and with wide opportunities and reminded to students that they have to do their best on future science and education.

In discussion, 2nd degree master’s students’ dissertation researches and already have done works was been presented. Every graduates’ dissertation submission time has been confirmed.

M.U.Adasheva reported that lessons have been providing according to program that was confirmed by masrer’s department and informed listeners that project which confirms 1 st degree master’s scientific works and research advisors will be confirmed on 15 th October under copies of departmental minutes. The main document of masters, Regulation on magistracy has been handed over.

Questions that asked from masters has been answered by Vice-Rector, Head of the department and scientific leaders.